Thursday, 18 March 2010

The anatomy of a guitar

This was the view of my workbench a few days ago, just before I closed the box on the blackwood/spruce guitar. This is one of 2 strutting systems that I use and it could be seen as half lattice, half fan. I have made good progress with this guitar since the picture was taken; the back is glued on and the guitar is now completely bound. After the weekend I shall fit the neck and complete the fingerboard.
Also nearing completion is the cedar and rosewood guitar which will shortly be burnished up and strung. The Weissgerber restoration is complete save for stringing, but that will happen next week. Earlier on in the week I had a visit from Martin with a couple of guitars of his that needed some adjustment. The weather has been so dry this year and I have heard of a number of humidity related problems recently. Fortunately Martin's instruments only needed some minor action adjustments, but it was good to catch up with someone I hadn't seen for years.

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