Monday, 7 March 2011

New Arrivals

I like getting parcels delivered and this week I received loads of nuts and saddles through the post. The bone is really nice quality; not porous or chalky like some I have seen. A month or so ago I took delivery of some sets of neck adjustment screws for Staufer type guitars as I intend to make one some time this year for my own amusement. These mechanisms are made by Rubner in Germany, who also make tuners, amongst other things. It was a pleasure doing business with Rubner; efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.
Here is an example of a Staufer neck that I saw recently. The neck adjustment mechanism is virtually identical to the ones that I have just purchased. Really it is quite a crude mechanism and I have seen rather more sophisticated ( and stable ) adjustment systems on Lacote guitars. The neck is loose in the neck pocket and is held in place by the screw and the wooden locating tongue that you can see in the picture. If you loosen the nut in the heel, using the clock key provided, string tension pulls the neck forward, and the action is raised. Tightening the screw therefore lowers the action.

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