Saturday, 14 May 2011

buisness as usual

Having been without a usable computer for about a month I can honestly say that it has been a great pleasure not to have one, and I am slightly saddened by the fact that it is now fully serviceable again. Still, it is good to be able to post the odd blog again ( I have had many concerned enquiries about my health) and I have been dealing with a backlog of emails from all four corners.
The workshop has seen a lot of activity however and progress is being made an all fronts. The picture above is of Julio's guitar - the little blocks around the periphery are locating aids for fitting the ribs. I'll be honest and point out that this guitar is rather further on now, but I will save those pictures for a few days time. John's guitar is finished and strung and John is due to pick it up in the next few days; now that is exciting- I hope he is as pleased with the guitar as I am. Repairs have always been there in the background; an endless collection of neck resets and a really satisfying job on Rays hand built guitar. He has just started playing again (its never too late) and it was a pleasure to bring his guitar back to a usable condition.

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