Friday, 9 March 2012

A week in the workshop (Thursday)

I had been planning on driving over to David Dyke's today to get some sawing done (some blocks of rosewood that I have been meaning to have cut for some time) but reluctantly I opted to stay in the workshop and finish off a few loose ends. Julio is due to pick up his guitar on Friday and I am keen to do some final adjustments and to complete the paperwork for the instrument.

Yesterday the tuners for this guitar developed a fault and I spent a few frantic hours procuring a new set (thank you Michael and David) and this put me behind with other work. I had been particularly keen to strip the top of the Ken Roberts guitar that came in a few weeks ago. The repair on the split in the soundboard has been completely successful and I now want to complete the re-polish so I can return it to its owner. The picture above shows the old French polish being softened and removed.

I have also been preparing some rosette blocks. This is a fun part of guitar making and the whole process seems quite miraculous. The strips below have not been glued but are held together with a peg to check the alignment. I'm glad I did this- looking closely at the photograph I realised I had left a strip out of the pattern.

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