Friday, 4 May 2012

A recently finished guitar


This 2012 spruce and rosewood guitar left the workshop yesterday. I frequently get asked if I mind letting them go, and the simple answer is no. As a professional maker, I need to sell my work to continue what I am doing, and so finishing a guitar, receiving payment and dispatching it to its new owner is a natural and regular part of what I do. I also find that I constantly think of the next instrument I am to make; by the time a guitar is polished and strung, my involvement is over and it is time for the player to nurture the guitar and realise its potential. My mind is on future instruments; how I can build upon successes and carry my ideas forward.

This guitar was one I was particularly pleased with, and I spent a quiet hour with it yesterday looking, playing and measuring it, trying to absorb everything about it and what I should strive to replicate in future guitars.

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