Friday, 22 June 2012


The workshop has never been busier. I was saying to someone recently that it was almost too busy, although in fact I like it like that and it means I have to be really organised with scheduling my work. I do not always find this easy, as the creative process of making or restoring a guitar is one that cannot always be hurried and I am resolute in putting the quality of my work first.
I have 2 guitars in the early stages of construction, 1 awaiting frets and polish, 2 guitars being polished ( I am always polishing), 2 guitars that the wood is selected for, plus restoration work lined up into 2013.

For light relief I have been making a copy of a Terz guitar by the Viennese make Nikolaus Georg Ries. I am now polishing this guitar and will be stringing it up when I have time. As it is for my own amusement I can only work on it occasionally, but I have great fun with it as it is so different from my normal full size, modern classical guitars.

The picture above shows the simple barring on the front. The originals must have been made very quickly,; knocked out almost. The picture below shows the head and  neck with a sealer of clear polish and the big shiny buttons of golden shellac that I am using for the back and ribs of the guitar.

( For more on the story of this guitar click here and here).

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