Monday, 12 August 2013

Long time no blog....

Well, its been a while, but in my defence I have been rather busy....
I am just packing two guitars to go to America and a third guitar (that's the rosette above) has just arrived safely in Beijing. Four weeks ago saw 2 guitars off to Japan. I've run out of packing materials and now I just want to get on with making guitars and enjoying the summer with my family.

Back in May I had Mike in the workshop for four weeks, making his first guitar. These intensive guitar making courses are great fun but hard work for all concerned. Mike had spent his career in an office and wanted to branch out into something more creative and guitar making appealed to him. He started from scratch with no woodworking experience and at the end of the four weeks had a completed playing instrument. I think he could scarcely believe it. I love watching makers string up their first instrument as the thrill and excitement is all too evident.

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