Monday, 8 February 2010

A fine collection of old guitars that are in the workshop at the moment. At the back of the workbench in the Davis, then the maple Weissgerber. An anonymous Austrian(?) guitar is next then an unlabelled French guitar. Finally at the front (and so it should be) is a Rene Lacote.
Polishing is under way on this cedar and rosewood guitar. I love French polish as a finish and it seems wholly appropriate for a top classical guitar. I have nothing against a well applied synthetic finish, and many fine guitars are lacquered with cellulose for example; it's just the feel and appearance of shellac feels right for my guitars. This guitar is about halfway through the polishing process. I have built up a 'body' of polish and I will spend the next couple of weeks putting on thinner and thinner coats before working the surface to a high gloss.

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