Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The subject of wood has been troubling me for some time. It really is such a wonderful material and I feel privileged to use it. I recently had the opportunity to buy some nice Madagascan rosewood which many makers have been inclined to see as a substitute for Rio rosewood. It was being offered fairly cheaply and seemed of good quality but I just couldn't buy it. Look at the situation in Madagascar (the internet is a wonderful thing) and you will see why. It is ironic that the devouring of Madagascan rosewood is directly linked to the ban on Brazilian rosewood. At the moment I am keen to salvage timber of high quality. The latest acquisition was a late Victorian headboard which yielded 3 sets of stunning Cuban mahogany. I'm not sure what I will use that for yet....
In the workshop restoration on the Davis continues and the Weisgerber is nearly complete. A rosewood Lacote has just come in to add the my collection of restoration projects: no rush with that one though and it needs a lot of careful thought.
The 2 latest guitars are going to be ready for polishing within the next week, with just fretting and bridgemaking in the way. I already have one cedar/rosewood guitar being polished, so soon the workshop will be filled with the fragrance of shellac and alcohol.

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